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Word Above All, The

Word Above All, The

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All that we know of absolute truth is based on the Word of  God. The Word is the "fire" by which our Christian stewardship will be tried. The Word will judge those who hear and reject it. The Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God and Savior of the world, is the Word incarnate, and our eternal destiny depends upon our acceptance or rejection of Him! 

Chapters include:
 1. The One Thing God Honors Above His Own Name                  
 2. God's Message Never Changes                                  
 3. Thinking Above the Word             
 4. Four Mysterious Words               
 5. The Greatest Need in Pulpits Today  
 6. Interesting Facts About the Bible

    *Please note, due to the age of these classic titles, some covers may have slight imperfections.

    182 pgs | Hardback | Oliver B. Greene

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