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Literature from the Editors of the Sword of the Lord

Dr. John R. Rice: 1934-1980

While pastor in Dallas in 1934, John R. Rice founded THE SWORD OF THE LORD. The first printing, September 28, 1934, ran 5,000 copies which were handed out on the streets of Dallas, Texas. In 1963 the opportunity came to purchase our present location on Bridge Avenue in downtown Murfreesboro, Tennessee. 

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Dr. Curtis Hutson: 1980-1995

Dr. Hutson was a pastor for 21 years, then entered full-time evangelism. As many as 625 souls trusted Christ in a single service. In an eight-day meeting, 1,502 salvation decisions were recorded. In 1978 he became associate editor of THE SWORD OF THE LORD. Upon Dr. Rice's death, Dr. Hutson immediately became President and Editor.

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Dr. Shelton L. Smith: 1995-Present

Dr. Smith testifies often that he is a "product" of THE SWORD OF THE LORD. In 1963 someone sent an anonymous subscription to him. Dr. Smith says, "As a result, Dr. Rice re-tutored, re-trained and re-tooled me. My life and ministry changed. My best education came from the pages of THE SWORD OF THE LORD."

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What others are saying about the Sword of the Lord Ministries

This is an excellent ministry that will strengthen your walk with the Lord through their Newspaper, books, and conferences. I personally have ordered many books from them and have read their newspaper for many years. I will continue to do business with this work of God. They truly are a blessing.

Josiah R.

This ministry discipled me through their publication and their many sound and encouraging resources. I was in prison when I was saved and the venue that the Lord used to lead me to His saving grace was an article written by Dr. John R. Rice. I was wonderfully and miraculously saved and The Sword of the Lord and Dr. Smith has been so impactful with my growth. I love this ministry and pray for them daily.

Tony G.

Our church has ordered materials from the Sword of the Lord for several years. It is a great blessing to have the ability to order items and not worry about false doctrine and modern/worldly ways and means promoted and pushed. We are thankful for the sound doctrine promoted both within the newspaper and also the published books.

Laura S.

I am thankful that the Sword of the Lord has not followed the fads and fancies of the multitude of "Christian" movements that have come and gone. It would rather be "Biblically Correct" than "Politically Correct." If you are looking for a publication that does not blow in the wind, change hats at a whim or just follow what's in - the Sword of the Lord is for you!

George A.

The Sword of the Lord has always been a top reference tool for truth and true Christian trends. It is a reliable source of the news of the day and the premier source for the dissemination of the Gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ. I have been familiar with for over forty years. It is one of the great institutions.

David C.