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What the Bible Says About the Virgin Birth

What the Bible Says About the Virgin Birth

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Modernists tell us that the manner of Christ's birth is inessential, that this is an academic question having no vital bearing upon the Christian system of truth. One may believe it or not, they say, without imperiling his salvation or weakening the Gospel. This is not something to be dismissed so lightly. Follow Dr. Tulga's instruction through this pamphlet as he tells of the miracles of the birth of Jesus Christ. Dr. Chester E. Tulga's defense of the Faith in the twentieth century earns him a large place of recognition as one of the most influential men in the history of fundamentalism—"the convicting conscience of conservative Baptists," as one author calls him. He was a great speaker and author until his death in 1976 at nearly eighty years of age.

22 pgs | Pamphlet | Chester E. Tulga

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