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Should Christians Be Cremated?

Should Christians Be Cremated?

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The loss of a loved one in death is one of the most emotional and vulnerable times a family will face. The decisions about dealing with the remains of that loved one can be difficult indeed. Because of this, a discussion about cremation can be very sensitive.

Dr. Robert Barnett presents a well-thought-out discussion of the matter in this pamphlet. Passages presenting biblical principles to apply are examined along with the practice of cremation through history in different cultures. Thoughts are given on why this once rare practice has been used more frequently in recent years. 

In a summation, Dr. Shelton Smith gives practical pointers that will be helpful for anyone being faced with having to make the decision on whether or not a loved one should be cremated.

15 pgs | Pamphlet | Dr. Robert Barnett & Dr. Shelton Smith

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