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Seeing God In the Cosmos

Seeing God In the Cosmos

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Seeing God in the Cosmos—Where Do Theology and Science Meet? Can the Two Ever Coexist Effectively?

Does the Bible line up with science? Does true science contradict the Bible? As a Christian…which one do you believe?

Seeing God in the Cosmos addresses these questions for you. It approaches the scientific world from a biblical perspective, proving once and for all that science and God’s Word are 100% compatible. This is because truth does not contradict truth. This work will address such major issues as the Flood, creation vs. evolution, scientists who believed the Bible and…what the Bible says about dinosaurs.

This book will be a great resource for Christian education and young believers who are just getting grounded in their faith. We all have questions; this book will help answer many of them for you.

121 pgs | Paperback | Adam Joplin

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