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Revelation: Behold, He Cometh

Revelation: Behold, He Cometh

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Revelation: Behold, He Cometh
A Verse-By-Verse Commentary on the Book of Revelation

Dr. John R. Rice, founder and first editor of the Sword of the Lord, was a prolific author throughout much of the twentieth century. In addition to editorials and dozens of teaching pamphlets that are still in wide use, he wrote a number of major theological works dealing with many facets of the Christian faith. Among these are several verse-by-verse commentaries on some of the key books of the Bible.

Perhaps no other Book of the Bible so excites the imaginations of Bible believers as the Revelation. This final Book of Scripture not only closes God’s inspired revelation (22:18,19) but also deals with the closing chapter in earth’s history. Excitement can bring about unsound speculation, causing unbelievers to doubt when man’s predictions do not come to pass. In his commentary, Revelation: Behold, He Cometh, Dr. Rice takes a thorough look at some puzzling passages and shows how God’s Word will be literally fulfilled in the last days.

245 pgs | Paperback | Dr. John R. Rice

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