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Preaching Standards: Right or Wrong?

Preaching Standards: Right or Wrong?

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God has much to say about the way He wants His people to live. In this book, Dr. Mike Allison thoughtfully examines biblical admonitions, legalism, Christian liberty, personal conviction by the Holy Spirit, three types of Old Testament laws, modesty and the blessings found in obedience. No private interpretation of Scripture is given, but instead, compassionate teaching directly from the Bible. The Christian who reads this book with an open heart and a spirit of submission to God's Word will find that standards are not to be rejected, but rather, embraced. Standards protect us from traps of Satan and help us apply other biblical principles to our lives. The preacher who applies these truths prayerfully to his ministry will preach "all the counsel of God" boldly, without apology, without compromise.

Chapter Titles:
  1. No More Abominations
  2. Legalism: A Smoke Screen
  3. Understanding I Corinthians 8
  4. Them Unmentionable Abomination
  5. New Testament Principles for Dress
  6. Blessed Without Obedience?
  7. Holiness: Our Hope for Revival

76 pgs | Paperback | Dr. Mike Allison

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