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Peace of God, The

Peace of God, The

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Peace is a coveted commodity in short supply across the world these days. Surrounded by turbulence on all sides, the world's view of peace is merely absence of conflict and a cessation of war. The problem is that the source of the turmoil is not without; it is within the sinful heart of men. The strife around us results from the lusts at war in the human heart (James 4:1). As long as men are fighting God, they will also fight each other. Since the Christian has given his heart to God, he should have peace. Strangely, many must admit that it is not so. Dr. Joseph Brown, pastor of Manna Bible Baptist Church in Baltimore, Maryland, points out the difference between the peace with God that we get at salvation and the peace of God which accrues with a godly life and a spirit yielded to Him. Those who want the blessing of peace while living in a world that has none to offer will find timely insight and truthful instruction from the pen of "Preacher" Brown.

15 pgs | Booklet | Dr. Joseph "Preacher" Brown

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