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Ordinary Woman, An

Ordinary Woman, An

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An Ordinary Woman—Becoming a Godly Woman Who Lives an Extraordinary Life

The history books list the names of a lot of people who were considered great by the world. A look at the lives of some of them will quickly establish that the world's idea of greatness does not match that of God. Surely His evaluation in this matter should mean more to us than any acclaim given by the world.

In II Kings 4, we have a brief biographical sketch of a woman whom God calls "great" (vs. 8). Wherein did this greatness lie? Certainly not in her fame—her name is not even given. God was clearly talking about the traits that made up her character.

In An Ordinary Woman, Mrs. Betty Smith explores the things done by this woman which reveal the character traits that God considers great. From feminine grace to the strength of faith, she serves as a divinely inspired role model for a generation of women bombarded with the world's mistaken idea of what constitutes greatness.

Best of all, we see that the ordinary person, by cultivating the traits valued by God, can become great in His sight.

13 pgs | Pamphlet | Betty Smith

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