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Liberal Choices: Losing Causes

Liberal Choices: Losing Causes

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In the early part of the 20th century the modernist-fundamentalist controversy erupted on the scene, pitting the Bible believers (fundamentalists) against a handful of scholars who did not accept the Bible as literally true (modernists). As a result many churches changed, schools changed, families changed. Choices were made which put God to one side. Liberalism was embraced openly and without shame. In this pamphlet Dr. Smith shows how those "liberal choices" invariable produce "losing causes." Based on the example of Lot in the Bible, Dr. Smith declares, "Liberalism is always a loser's choice." Liberalism is not the course of a champion. Preachers,  parents, politicians, indeed, all of us should "look before we leap" because the liberal choice is not the path to the winner's circle.

23 pgs | Pamphlet | Dr. Shelton Smith

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