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It's Easter and I'm Excited!

It's Easter and I'm Excited!

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The Easter season is supposed to be built upon the historic truth of the resurrection of Christ. Unfortunately, that great and precious truth is so often garbled by unsaved religionists and obscured by the carnal. Rank myths are frequently substituted for the real message. Festivities that are mere fun and games capture the eye and the mind of the passing crowd. Though Christ, crucified and risen, should be magnified with honor and praise, other interests routinely crowd Him out and stifle His great message.  Here in this pamphlet, Dr. Smith gives us five reasons to be excited about the resurrection of Christ: 1) It provides salvation. 2) It enables us to live a triumphant Christian life. 3) It secures for us an eternal hope. 4) It gives us news to publish frequently and fervently. 5) It sets us in the victory circle.

28 pgs | Pamphlet | Dr. Shelton Smith

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