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Is There a Hell?

Is There a Hell?

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Among the doctrines of the Bible that are considered old-fashioned, perhaps none are more disdained by modern society than the teaching about a place of eternal retribution. Without an understanding of the holiness of God, men seem incapable of imagining such a place.

But truth has never been limited to man's ability to conceive. In this matter as is all others, the one determining factor is "thus saith the Lord." Mike Allison presents the clear biblical case for the reality of an eternal Hell for all who reject Christ and die in unbelief.

None of the doctrines of the Bible are mere intellectual exercises, however. Based upon the reality of the eternal torment of the lost is a challenge to Christians to be motivated to rescue those around them by giving them the Gospel that points the way to salvation in Christ.

15 pgs | Pamphlet | Dr. Mike Allison

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