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Good Shepherd, The

Good Shepherd, The

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Among the many names and titles of Jesus recorded in the Bible, one of the most revealing and heartwarming is that of the Good Shepherd. This is what Jesus called Himself—our Good Shepherd! What a wonderful thing God did in sending down from Heaven His own beloved Son to be the Shepherd of all who would by faith trust Him and follow Him! The relationship a sheep enjoys with its shepherd holds many precious truths for the Christian. Through Christ's shepherding of us, we receive His great love, protection and provision as He leads us one step at a time in our earthly pilgrimage on our way to eternity.

In this booklet, Dr. Shelton Smith draws one word picture after another to describe for us the Good Shepherd and what He promises in His Word to each of us.

14 pgs | Booklet | Dr. Shelton Smith

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