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Glories of the Cross, The

Glories of the Cross, The

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The Cross of Christ is the central theme of the Gospel message; it is the heart and soul of our salvation. Every chapter in this book is filled with truth concerning the cross. All believers who read this volume should have a greater appreciation of the meaning of the cross than ever before. 

Sermons include:

  • In Its Deeper Meaning
  • In Its Dynamic
  • In Its Magnetism
  • In Its Necessity 
  • In the Motive Behind It
  • In Its Vicarious Suffering
  • In the Liberty It Gives
  • In the Character It Builds
  • In the Enemies It Makes
  • In the Remission of Sins It Insures
  • In the Peace It Produces
  • In the Atonement It Effects
  • In the Redemption It Brings
  • In the Victories It Gains
  • In the Soul-Food It Furnishes
  • In the Standing Before God It Gives
  • In the Covenant It Confirms
  • In the Testings It Applies
  • In the Love It Commends
  • In the Heaven It Makes
  • In the Hell It Destroys

*Please note, due to the age of these classic titles, some covers may have slight imperfections.

253 pgs | Hardback | A. C. Dixon

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