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Following the Man of Faith [Student Workbook]

Following the Man of Faith [Student Workbook]

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Following the Man of Faith—The Lives of Sarah, Hagar, and Keturah

Abraham was one of the greatest figures in human history. Historically, he is viewed as the father of two races, and spiritually as a great man of faith. But the story of this "man of faith" also includes three women who at various times played a large role in his life—Sarah, his first wife; Hagar, Sarah's servant and the mother of Abraham's first child; and Keturah, his wife after Sarah's death.

Ladies who desire to learn more about this complex family unit and apply valuable lessons to their own lives, will find this Student Workbook an enjoyable resource. Following the Man of Faith Student Workbook is broken into thirteen consumable lessons perfect for group studies or ladies meetings and are as broad as the different roles these women played in Abraham's life.

65 pgs | Paperback | Dr. Janet Walsh

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