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Don't Look Now, But Your Religion Is Showing

Don't Look Now, But Your Religion Is Showing

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It’s such an easy vortex to be sucked into! A walk with God that began as fresh, vibrant and alive with spiritual growth has somehow found itself floundering in a marsh of tradition and “religion.” Getting caught up in the “dos and do-nots” of Christianity is a poor, unsatisfying substitute for staying in genuine fellowship with the Savior. If you’ve been swept into this Christian life of stagnated service, then…don’t look now, but your religion is showing! Are you tired of starving at the sampling tray of “good works” and “Christian service?” Are you ready to refuse religion and be truly filled with a true knowledge of God and exactly what kind of Father He is? Then, open this book and get ready for something fresher, more successful, and more sustaining than any ‘religion’ could ever hope to be!

170 pgs | Hardback | Dr. Raymond Barber

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