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Blood Atonement, The

Blood Atonement, The

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The brilliant pulpiteer Charles Haddon Spurgeon makes it startlingly clear in this classic message that nothing can blot out even the smallest sin except the shedding of blood—not tears, not reformation, not prayer, not self-denial. Only the shed blood of God's perfect, unblemished Son could atone for the sins of mankind. It was not His holiness nor His exemplary life nor even His death that brought pardon and peace to all who accept this giftit was Christ giving up His blood apart from His flesh. "Without shedding of blood is no remission" (Heb. 9:22) is the center, the very marrow of God's plan of salvation. It is a doctrine that cannot be "swept under the rug" by conciliatory liberals who are uncomfortable with God's plain demands. Every Christian should read this eloquent and logical plea for the necessity of Calvary and the substitutionary sacrifice of Christ.

21 pgs | Pamphlet | Charles Spurgeon

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