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Bible Messages

Bible Messages

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With compelling chapters such as "Where Are the Dead?", "Rub It In", and "How Shall We Escape?", this incredible compilation is a page-turner for anyone hungry for preaching packed with striking candor, powerful illustrations, and remarkable fervor! A wonderful volume of thought-provoking truth, Oliver B. Greene calls out from the corridors of the past for impassioned, genuine Christians to unflinchingly rise and be counted!

Messages include: Where are the Dead?; Five Alls; Our Salvation Incorruptible; Perfect Peace; Rub It In; Snares; The Word Became Flesh; How Shall We Escape?; The Tomb of Time

*Please note, due to the age of these classic titles, some covers may have slight imperfections.

157 pgs | Hardback | Oliver B. Greene

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