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Walk in Truth

Walk in Truth

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Walk in Truth—A Bible Study for Ladies from II John

Did you know that you have the opportunity every day to read a letter written to you from a very dear Friend? Tucked away near the end of the New Testament is a letter written personally to you and to me. This letter takes only a few minutes to read, yet the message is overflowing with an abundance of instruction and encouragement applicable to anyone seeking truth.

Writing to encourage and help other believers, Joyce White reflects on the wonderful letter of II John. This personal study explores such topics as grace, mercy, peace and the importance of walking daily in God’s commandments.

In this world, we have a hard time finding truth. However, we can depend on the Word of God to be the never-changing truth that gets us through each day. The beauty of this wonderful letter is that it meets our every need every time. Explore this letter together with me and learn what it means to Walk In Truth. 

59 pgs | Paperback | Joyce White

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