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Timely Messages

Timely Messages

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The messages contained in this book are designed to clarify the thinking of men and women on some very important subjects. The first two deal with the necessity of the new birth, the part faith plays in the new birth, excuses given for not being saved, etc... The Greatest Battle of the Ages portrays to all—saved and unsaved alike—the vicious battle waged by the devil in his attempt to destroy the Seed of the woman, the Lord Jesus Christ. The two closing messages fill a great need for timely, true-to-the-Bible instruction concerning the new life in Christ, its problems and perplexities.

Messages include: Are You Saved? If Not, Why Not?; The Sin Most Often Committed by Women; The Greatest Battle of the Ages; The Two Natures; Scriptural Sinless Perfection

    *Please note, due to the age of these classic titles, some covers may have slight imperfections.

    187 pgs | Hardback | Oliver B. Greene

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