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2022 Sword Men's Conference MP3 Album

2022 Sword Men's Conference MP3 Album

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This album includes 12 individual messages delivered at the 2022 Sword Men's Conference in Murfreesboro, TN. Speakers include: Shelton Smith, Mike Allison, Rex Carringer, Caleb Martin, and Jeff Fugate.

Messages include: Building Strength for Your Burdens (Fugate), A Happy Camper (Smith), Taking a Stand (Caleb Martin), Avoiding Shipwreck (Mike Allison), The Blood Gives Us Victory (Rex Carringer), A Winning Heart (Caleb Martin), Faithful and Fruitful (Mike Allison), Social Media Protocol (Jeff Fugate), Dynamics for Dads (Shelton Smith), Hard Times and Terrible Hurts (Rex Carringer), Our Patriotic Heritage (Jeff Fugate), Striving Against Sin (Mike Allison).

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